Dr. Frances Yahia is an archetypal astrologer, shaman, akashic records reader and spiritual counselor from South Florida. She earned her PhD in Mental Health and Educational Leadership from Barry University and has studied and taught metaphysics, comparative mythology, symbology and esoteric topics for over 30 years.

Dr. Yahia has been in private practice for over 15 years and her main interests are depth psychology and the subconscious and she has developed her own 4-step model on how the subconscious develops at the moment of conception and explains how it contributes to all of life’s conflicts. Frances uses shadow work, symbols, myths and archetypes to assist clients with their deepest subconscious patterns. She helps clients identify the narratives they’ve built their lives upon, deconstruct the story and build a new foundation with the clients authentic values and personal philosophy at the forefront of their life, while integrating their unique shadow aspects to help them achieve wholeness and balance.

She is the author of The Seven Gates: Seven Steps beyond Self-Awareness, Witch Bitch: Ceremonies, Rituals and Magic for Gods and Goddesses, The Truth is in the Triangle: The Hidden Truths on How to Achieve Wholeness in Relationships, The Hidden Truths to Spiritual Adulting, The Shadow Side of the Mother’s Love, Hidden Truths: The Magic of Mysticism and its Modern-Day Applications and several other book titles. She is the President at Hidden Truths College of Metaphysics where she teaches astrology, consciousness coaching, twelve truths to a spiritual path, shaman initiation, akashic records, Egyptian tarot, universal laws and all things metaphysics.

Connect with Dr. Yahia:

Website: www.dryahia.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCKmQBUfc9SiwNSO_ITtalGA