Dr. Lara is a speaker, author, artist, angelic healer and intuitive life coach. She helps people transform their lives, connect with their innate talents and abilities and move into alignment with their soul’s authentic path. She helps dissipate mental and emotional traumas on a cellular level, transmute limiting beliefs and guides clients to live their best life.

She has an extraordinary ability to communicate with the Angelic realm and Ascended Masters. She is trained in Break Work, Reiki, and Psych K. She has the ability to clear past life trauma, do soul retrievals and efficiently cut energetic cords. She also channels a unique frequency that instantly brings the body, mind and soul into alignment which is physically demonstrable.

Dr. Lara intuitively sees the root causes of an issue and helps shift the energy to release all that no longer serves them.

She holds a doctorate of Metaphysics and has a background in counseling. She has helped 1000’s of people lead their lives with confidence, clarity and courage.

Dr. Lara leads the group program, Living Life on Your Terms-Owning YOU! She also hosts Online and in person Angel Healing Events and coleads a membership community with her husband, Mark.

She lives in Southern California with her two beautiful children and her husband, Mark. She enjoys hiking, mountain biking, artistic expression, reading, writing, traveling and anything adventurous!

For more information visit www.drlararomero.com