Lorraine Goldbloom is a teacher of VortexHealing®, A Divine Energy Therapy, in North and South America, from the Foundational class through to the Jewel level of training.

Being a teacher of VortexHealing® has brought together Lorraine Goldbloom’s passion and talents. Her background in theater gives her a natural gift for presentation and her commitment to healing and awakening give her an enthusiasm for teaching Vortex that resonates deeply with her students. She has an extraordinary ability to take this complex material and teach it in a linear way, so that students really understand the concepts of the energy system and the tools of VortexHealing.

Her background as a personal trainer, yoga instructor and Reiki Master give her a breadth and depth of experience in the healing arts and working with people as they are involved in the transformational experience of receiving Vortex transmission in class.

Students love her dynamic teaching style, and remark on her unusual combination of clarity, humor, compassion, animation, delightful wit, encouragement and openness.

Teaching VortexHealing® classes in cities as diverse as Buenos Aires, Argentina to Berkeley, California, Richmond, Virginia to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Lorraine concentrates her teaching schedule in New York City, living in nearby Westchester County with her husband and two sons.

Lorraine frequently offers free talks and group healings to give newcomers a taste of Vortex as well as providing a gathering place for current students and practitioners.

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